Katelynn's Report

Katelynn's Report

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Insider Trading (Top Insider Trading)

Top insider trading provides the top securities being acquired/disposed through insider trading in the past three or six months, as well as quantile ranking of the transaction count in corresponding industry, sector, and on the whole US stock market.


Scope/Sector/Industry: Define query scope. The default value is the whole US stock market. You can also set search scope to specific sector or industry.

Num Rec: The maximum number of records to display in top acquisition/disposition table.

Month Back: The statistical analysis will be performed on insider tradings reported in the past 3 or 6 months.

Order By: Choose to sort the results by one of the three options in descending order. This is useful when the total number of qualified records exceeds the threshold defined in "Num Rec".

Top Acquisition

Quick Search: Type in any keyword (case insensitive) in the search box to quickly narrow down search results. E.g. type in "technology" to only display records in the technology sector (as well as any records with "technology" in company name). Note that to get a more comprehensive list of stocks in the "technology" sector, you should change the scope of query.

Symbol: The trading symbol of company. Click to open corresponding insider trading in a new window.

52-week High/Low: 1-year high/low price. Note that stocks traded on the OTC market or pink list do not have this information.

Acq/Dsp Transaction Count: The acquisition/disposition count of vital&spontaneous* insider transactions. The black thin bar is a constant size ruler (10 count) for easy comparison between symbols.

Ids/Sec/Mkt Quant: Quantile ranking of the number of transaction count compare with industry peers, sector peers, and the whole US market. The ranking is performed seperately for acquisitions(blue circles) and dispositions(red circles).

Acq/Dsp Shares Amount: The acquisition/disposition shares amount of vital&spontaneous* insider transactions.

Shares Outstanding: The shares outstanding of corresponding stock at the time of the last Form 4 filing.

Acq/Dsp PctSO: The percentage of acquisition/disposition shares amount relative to shares outstanding.

Top Disposition

This table is similar to "Top Acquisition" table except that it is ordered by dispositions in descending order.

Sector/Industry Sentiment

Statistical summary of vital&spontaneous* insider transactions in each sector/industry. The transaction share values are calculated by multiplying transaction shares amount with per share price (as reported, or the market price closest to the transaction date).

* For acquisitions, code P (open market purchase), L (small acquisition), and I (at discretion of broker) are counted. For dispositions, code S (open market sell), D (sell back to issuer) and I (at discretion of broker) are counted. Other codes like code F (tax payment by security), G (gift) are less important in decision making and not considered.