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Katelynn's Report is fully aware of the importance of financial academic research in improving information transparency, policymaking, efficiency and fairness of financial market, as well as public understanding of securites and its interaction with the economy. All these ultimately benefit the whole society. In respect of this, we offer significant discount to academic users requesting dataportal access. To be qualified as academic user, registrant must have a verified E-mail address with academic domain name registered in our database. If the domain name of your university/college/research institute is not recognized as academic domain name by our system, please E-mail us with details of your request (see format below)

E-mail format for registering education domain name (all fields required)

Subject: Request to register academic domain name for dataportal access

Registrant Name: Your first and last name

Domain Name: The domain name you want to register (e.g. harvard.edu)

Univeristy/College/Research Institute Name: Full name of your institute

Website: The main website of your institute

Country: Which country is your institute located

We will manually review your request and respond in 1-2 business days.