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SEC Filing

The SEC filing webpage contains the index information of all filings reported to the SEC by public traded companies. The contents are updated daily at 4:00AM US CDT to reflect the filings submitted on the previous business day (Note there is no filing on Saturday and Sunday). Using the options panel, users are opt to query historical filings up to 3 years old (the earliest available date is "2001-01-02" through Data Portal).


Query Box: Input ticker(s) here. You can query up to 8 (tier ≥ 1) or 2 (guest or tier 0) tickers at the same time.

Month Back: Show filing history from how long ago.

Form Type: Select the type(s) of form to display. By default, the query result includes records for all form types (241 form types plus respective amendment). The "Form type" multi-selection panel can be used to narrow down the query result to specific form type(s). For example, the following selections limit the query to Form 3 and Form 4, as well as corresponding ammendment.


When form type filtering is enabled, a red text flag "Form type filtering enabled" will be shown above the query result as a remainder.

Quick Search: Quickly narrow down to records containing specific string. For example, type "form 10-q" (with parentheses, case insensitive) will only display Form 10-Q filings.