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Form N-14

What is it: Form N-14 is filed by management investment companies or business development companies to register securities to be issued in (1) a transaction of the type specified in Securities Act Rule 145(a) [17 CFR 230.145(a)]; (2) a merger in which a vote or consent of the security holders of the company being acquired is not required pursuant to applicable state law; (3) an exchange offer for securities of the issuer or another person; (4) a public reoffering or resale of any securities acquired in an offering registered on Form N-14; or (5) two or more of the transactions listed in (1) through (4) registered on one registration statement.

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Related Form(s):
Form N-14 8C: Initial registration statement filed on Form N-14 by closed-end investment company (business combinations).
Form N-14AE: Filed by investment companies to register securities in connection with business combinations and mergers.
Form N-14MEF: A new registration statement to add securities to a prior related effective registration statement filed on Form N-14.