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Form 6-K

What is it: Form 6-K is filed by foreign private issuers to disclose any information they issued to their local security regulators, investors or stock exchanges. The information required to be disclosed include changes in business (acquisitions, merge, dispositions of assets, bankruptcy, etc.); changes in key personnel (certifying accountants, CEO, etc.); financial condition (quarterly financial report, operation result); changes in securities (defaults upon senior securities, increases or decreases in shares outstanding), and any other information of material importance to security holders.

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Tips: About 20,000~23,000 Form 6-K are filed each year by 900~1,000 different foreign private issuers (2008~2014 statistics). As foreign companies are not required to file Form 10-Q or Form 8-k, investors should watch closely on Form 6-K, which ensures them the same access to information in the foreign company's home market.