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Institutional Ownership

Institutional ownership is summarized from holding information reported in Form 13F filing, which is filed quarterly by investment managers exercising aggregated investment discretion ≥$100 million. Institutional ownership is presented as the ratio of institutional holding to overall shares outstanding, and theoretically should be a value between 0 and 1*.

* Due to confounding factors including but not limited to Confidential Treatment, late filing, filing error, the ratio could be larger than 1.

Katelynn's Report tracks the reported holdings that are equal to or more than $200,000 and has less than 270 days time span between filing date and period of report (four periods each year). When holding information for current period is not available, the latest previous period is automatically used. Holdings that are more than 270 days old (due to Confidential Treatment) are considered out-of-date and dropped from analysis. This is for providing a more conservative view of the holding information.

Example 1: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has institutional ownership of 0.63 as the end of Dec 25th 2015.

Intitutional Ownership:


As shown in the performance monitor, the intitutional ownership (0.63) is higher than 38% of industry peers, and 56% of other stocks on the whole market. The difference between industry level and market level performance suggests the institutional holding is generally higher in "Computer Manufacturing" industry than market average.

Historical Data

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Holding history analysis indicates a decrease in institutional ownership from 0.69 to 0.63, and a decrease in performance relative to industry and sector peers. However, the performance monitor at market level shows slight increase, suggesting certain industry(s) other than "Computer Manufacturing", or certain sector(s) other than "Technology" have more decrease in institutional holding (there is actually massive sell-off in the energy sector during the same period of time).