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Katelynn's Report

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Investment Trends

Investment Company List

This module provides a ranked list of investment institutions ordered by investment focus in one of the thirteen sectors. The information is summarized from Form 13F/13G/13D filings* and is updated daily (workday only) around 6:00 AM US CDT.

* Corrections were automatically applied to holding values where per share price obviously deviates from market median.


Investment Focus: Choose from one of thirteen sectors. The result table will be ordered descendingly by portfolio percentage of corresponding sector.

Max Records No.: The maximum number of records to be displayed in the result table.

Total Investment(≥Bil): Minimum threshold of total portfolio value.


The image above illustrates a list of institutions with investment focus on the energy sector. The table is sorted descendently by portfolio percentage of the sector being queried (the energy sector in this case). The first record indicates KEY GROUP HOLDINGS has 76.2% investment in the energy sector out of its portforlio total of 1.09 Billion USD as of 2016-06-18. This percentage is the highest among all investment institutions filing 13F report with the SEC. Its second largest investment is 0.13 Billion USD in the "public utilities" sector.

Click the header will sort the records by investment amount in descending/ascending order. Click the name of investment institution will open corresponding investment details in a new window