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Katelynn's Report

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HCD (High Current Difference)

HCD is calculated through equation (52wk High - Current Price) / Current Price. It monitors how far current price is away from 52-week (1 year) high. HCD is a number greater than or equals to 0. Briefly, HCD equals to 2 means a stock will worth 200% more than current price, if it goes back to 52-week high. As shown below, HCD can be very informative when used together with performance monitor

Example 1: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a HCD of 0.17 as the end of Oct 23th 2015. This means if the stock price goes up to 52-week high (as recorded on Oct 23th 2015), there will be 17% return on your investment in AAPL.



In this example, the performance monitor at industry level shows 8%, which means the 17% return rate is better than only 8% of industry peers ("Computer Manufacturing"). In another word, AAPL is very close to 1 year peak, compares to other stocks in the same industry. This can be understood in two distinct ways. First, AAPL is more bullish than peers. Secondly, AAPL is potentially overbought, and this single piece of information suggests it is probably not a good time to invest in AAPL as of Oct 23th 2015, if you are going to buy a stock in the same industry (without considering other covariates).

The performance monitor at market level shows 41%, which means the 17% return rate is better than 41% of other stocks traded on the whole market. Comparing to the industry level performance (8%), a hidden message is that the whole market on average is even closer to peak than "Computer Manufacturing" industry.