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Katelynn's Report

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Form 13F

What is it: Form 13F is filed quarterly and annually by institutional investment manager (both U.S based and foreign investment manager if "use any means or instrumentality of United States interstate commerce in the course of their business") exercising aggregated investment discretion (sole, shared, and other) ≥$100 million (for its own or others account) to report holding information. CUSIP number of each security is used to report holding information of such security in Form 13F. A list of quarterly updated CUSIP numbers can be found at www.sec.gov.

這是什麼: Form 13F是由纍計自由裁量權(單獨,共享或其他)達到一億美元的機構投資經理(包括外國投資經理人,如果該經理人在任何商業活動中使用到了美国跨州交流媒介)向證監會提交的季度及年度持股報告.在13F持股報告中使用證券的CUSIP編號.每季度更新的CUSIP列表可在www.sec.gov獲得.

Filing Time: Within 45 days after the end of each calendar year and each of the first three calendar quarters of each calendar year.

報告時間: 每一個歷年和每年頭三個歷季結束後45天內

Related Form(s):

Form 13F-HR: Holdings report. Often referred to simply as "Form 13F".

持股報告.簡稱為"Form 13F"

Form 13F-NT: Notice of holdings reported by another manager.


Form 13FCONP: Release of confidential information after expiration.


Form 13H

Tips: About 12,000~16,000 Form 13F-HR are filed each year by 3,000~4,000 different investment managers (2008~2014 statistics). About 10~150 13FCONP are filed each year. Information contained in 13F, if disclosed properly and timely, is very valuable to common investors, as investment managers are supposed to be more knowledgeable than common investors. However, as 13F is filed only quarterly, and certain proportion (?%) are not disclosed timely due to confidential treatment (CT ORDER) (hold information for less than one year, or longer by filing request 14 days before expiration), the actual value of 13F is weakened.

貼士: 每年有3000到4000個不同的投資經理人向證監會提交12000到16000份Form 13F-HR報告(2008~2014統計).每年約有10到150份13FCONP報告.13F中所包含的信息如果能夠及時有效地公開,對普通投資者是非常有價值的.因為投資經理人通常有更為全面的信息.然而,考慮到13F上報頻率較低,且有部分(?%)由於機密處理(CT ORDER)(保密最長一年,可在過期前14天申請更長保密期)不能即時公開,13F的實際價值有所削減.