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Katelynn's Report

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Insider Trading (Search by Reporter)

This module searches insider transactions by specific reporter. The insider transactions are filed on Form 3/4/5 to the SEC by president, director, CEO, CFO, 10% Owner, and any other material individuals or entities. The information is updated daily around 4:30 AM CDT.


Query Box: Input CIK or reporter name. Only 1 CIK or reporter name is allowed on each query. If input is name, please wait a few seconds for the auto-complete function to fill in CIK. The database search is based on CIK.

Latest Holdings

This section shows a tree map which illustrates the holding shares value (in USD) and percentage change (compares to previous report) of non-derivative securities. The following example shows the holdings of ORBIMED ADVISORS LLC as of 2019-08-22.

The chg:(x) shown besides each ticker denotes the change in holding shares compares with previous report. Possible values of x are

  • a positive percentage value (tile has green background)
  • a negative percentage value (tile has red background)
  • a string "New Hldg" (tile has cyan background)
  • a string "No Change" (tile has white background)
  • a string "Dsp All" (clear position) (tile has red background)

Mouse over specific tile to show the date of last transaction, shares owned, and value* (in USD) of shares owned.

* Values are calculated based on the latest close price (not older than 5 days) of corresponding security. The per share price is set to 0.01 if close price is not available.

Non-derivative/Derivative Transactions

These tables are described in Insider Trading (Search by Ticker)