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Form 10-12G

What is it: Form 10-12G is filed by a company, either public or non-public, to register a class of securities. Often referred to as "Form 10" registration. Companies with total assets exceeds $10 million and 750 or more shareholders is required to file 10-12G to register securities. Other companies may file 10-12G voluntarily.

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Tips: About 120~300 Form 10-12G (and 2~3 times more amendment) are filed each year by 110~260 different filers (2008~2014 statistics). File Form 10-12G does not automatically make a company public. Securities registered by non-public companies on Form 10-12G need to meet other reporting obligations to be traded on any exchanges. However, a private company with securities registered on Form 10-12G may file Form 144 to resell these restricted securities.