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Form N-8A

What is it: Form N-8A is filed by investment companies to register with the SEC. The form details the classification of the company (face-amount certificate company, unit investment trust, or management company), management team, total assets, whether has securities publicly offered, and etc.

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Related Form(s):
Form N-8B-2: Registration statement of unit investment trusts which are currently issuing securities.
Form N-8F: Filed by investment companies to deregister with the SEC due to merge, liquidation, become a business development company, or qualified for any exclusions from the definition of "investment company".
Fomr N-8F NTC: Notice of deregistration.
Form N-CSR

Tips: About 100~150 Form N-8A and 150~300 N-8F are filed each year (2008~2014 statistics).