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Katelynn's Report

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Form N-CSR

What is it: Form N-CSR is filed annually by registered management investment company to notify the SEC any transmission of annual financial report to shareholders. The form discloses items including but not limited to the reports to shareholders, audit committee financial expert, principle accountant fees and services, and investment.

Filing Time: Within 10 days after the transmission to stockholders of any annual or semi-annual report.

Related Form(s):
Form N-CSRS: Similar to N-CSR but for semi-annual report.
Form NT-NCSR: Notice that a company is unable to file N-CSR on time. NT-CSR extends the filing deadline by 15 days. However, this does not guarantee that the additional deadline will be met. Investors should be cautious about missing deadline caused by potential accounting issue.
Form N-Q Form N-PX