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Form F-4

What is it: Form F-4 is filed by foreign private issuer to register securities in connection with business combinations and exchange offers. Form F-4 requires details about the relevant transaction, risks associated with the investment, etc.

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Related Form(s):
Form F-4EF: Auto effective registration statement for securities by certain foreign private issuers in connection with certain business combination transactions.
Form F-4 POS: Post-effective amendment to a F-4EF registration.
Form F-4MEF: A new registration statement filed under Rule 462(b) to add securities to a prior related effective registration statement filed on Form F-4.
Form F-8: Similar to Form F-4 but for Canadian issuers. Only 1~3 F-8 are filed each year (2008-2014 statistics)
Form F-80: Same as F-8?.
Form F-1
Form F-3

Tips: The number of F-4 filings ranges from ~40 to ~500 each year (2008~2014 statistics).