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Form 25

What is it: Form 25 is filed by a publicly traded company to notify the removal of a class of securities (registered under Section 12(b)) from listing on a national securities exchange. The issuer must notice investors of its intention to file the Form 25 and issue a press release ten days prior to filing the Form 25. A security is considered to be delisted 10 days after filing of Form 25.

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Related Form(s):
Form 25-NSE: filed by national securities exchange to report the removal of a security from listing.
Form 15

Tips: About 100~300 Form 25 (1000~1500 Form 25-NSE) are filed each year by 100~300 different filers (2008~2014 statistics). Form 25 can be filed due to many reasons including going private, out of business, merge, or simply replace the security with another class of security. Notice: Form 25 only delists the security but do not remove the report obligation. Form 15 must be filed to remove report obligation.