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Katelynn's Report

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What is it: Form Schedule 13E3 is filed when a publicly traded company has transcation(s) that make(s) it eligible to deregister its securities and "going private". A company can go private when its securities are held by less than 300 (or 500) shareholders. A company may no longer need to file reports with SEC after deregistering its securities.

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Related Form(s):
Schedule 13E1
Form SC13E4F: Tender offer by foreign issuers to purchase shares of their securities from their shareholders.

Tips: About 50~100 SC 13E3 (and 200~400 amendment) are filed each year by ~100 different filers (2008~2014 statistics). Transactions including tender offer, merge, or reverse stock split can result in a company be eligible to go private. Investors should keep an eye on SC 13E3 filing as it usually causes significant change in stock price.